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Life story of Prophet Mohammad

This paper will discuss the life of prophet Mohamed which will span from his birth to his calling and mission. The kind of persecution he faced from the time of his ordination or revelation to his time of manifestation when he conquered Mecca (makkah), his character in morals and his teachings. What influence he had in the growth of Islam as a religion.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Adult Life 1
The Revelation 2
His Mission 3
Return to Mecca 5
Last Days 5
Conclusion 5
Summary of Prophet Mohammad’s life 6
References 7

Preview of the essay: Life story of Prophet Mohammad

Life story of Prophet Mohammad Introduction Prophet Mohammad was born in 570 CE in a place known as Mecca (makkah). His fathers name was Abdullah who died in a place known as Medinah weeks before Mohammad was born. His mother also died when he was six years old while travelling from Medinah in a place called Abwa. This forced Mohammad to be raised by his paternal grand father whose name was Abd al Muttalib for a period of around two years, after which his grandfather died. By this time he was aged eight years old, his uncle Abu Talib took care of him hence forth. His grandfathers mother (his great grand mother) ...

... family members (his uncle and aunt) disowned him. He wrote the Quran through revelations made to him by angel Jibril. Later on he conquered the Quarish leadership and ruled Mecca. Before his death he bore another son by the name of Ibrahim though he died after ten months. Prophet Mohamed married three wives, but because of the afflictions that widows went through after wars he extended his kindness and married them. He was a kind man, trustworthy, and simple (humble).
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