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Core Competencies and Outcomes

This paper will discuss the role of coaching in an organization setting, team setting and in life in general. It will look insightly on, what are the core competencies factors that should be employed for a successful coaching process, it will also analyze the factors that contribute to negative coaching and finally it will outline the key elements that should be employed for an effective coaching session.

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Coaching 1
Factors Contributing to a Successful Coaching Process 1
Factors Negatively Influencing Coaching 5
Key Elements of the Coaching process 6
Conclusion 7
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Anteprima della tesi: Core Competencies and Outcomes

Core Competencies and Outcomes Coaching Coaching can be defined as the process of supporting individuals, teams and organizations in the venture of becoming or realizing their goals and dreams. Thus coaching is the process of making dreams and goals realities in the concerned people’s lives or jobs or any other sphere in there professional life’s like athletics. Coaching entails its focus on future potential and how it can achieved exhaustively. When coaching is applied on someone it tends to portray certain kinds of benefits that could not be seen before in the individual, skills are sharpened thus they become highly skilled individuals, through coaching areas that need development are identified thus room for improvement ...

... most people want to have the best when it comes to organizations, when it comes to children doing well in school, when it comes to competition such as athletics, thus there is an outmost need and gap that needs to be filled in this sector. Thus the need to improve professionalism when it comes to coaches looking out for clients meaning they should be rounded people who can deal with anyone in the society. Being just skilled is not the answer but how well you tackle your client’s unique problem is the ultimate goal for each coach in whatever area.
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