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IT for Supply Chain Management

This paper will base its discussion on the importance and role played by the information technology sector using system integration in supply management to achieve its goal when supplying. This paper will look at the demerits and merits that are to be faced by a manufacturer as he applies the idea of system integration in supply of his products to a string of supermarkets in a country.

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Supply Chain Management 1
Principles found in a Supply Chain (vertical).2
Role of a System Integrator in Relation to Supply Chain Management 5
System Integration 6
Principles governing IT developments in supply chain management 6
E-business and supply chain governance 8
Role of Integration and its Importance in Supply Chain Management 9
Merits and Demerits of a Virtual Supply Chain 10
Conclusion 11
References 12

Anteprima della tesi: IT for Supply Chain Management

IT for Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Management This is a process that develops or creates, facilitates a network system through which retailers, distributors, transporters, storage facilities and suppliers are enabled to participate in the sale, delivery and production of a certain product to their customers’ net work system in a supply chain management can be defined as a direct or un-indirect link that is interdependently serving the same consumer. Meaning a group of firms coming together to facilitate the offering of a certain service or good to reach its intended consumer in good condition and time. This link comprises of sellers that offer the raw materials, which are bought by the producers, who in turn add value to it by converting it into finished products, the finished goods are then stored in warehouses as they wait for distribution which is affected by the rule of demand and supply. Transportation then takes place which enables the retailers to satisfy the consumer with the end product. Producers compete with each other using this forum of supply chains by knowing how to save costs in their network systems, thus an effective management system should be implemented. (Michael 2006)) ...

... that may make transportation a problem hence increasing the price of the end product even higher. This will be passed to the retailer who will also sell it to the consumer for a much higher price in comparison to his buying price thus the commodity will be too expensive for the consumer while the value will remain constant. The above fore mentioned points increases sales for the manufacturer because he is presented with wide opportunities from which he can choose from through the internet. Again the manufacturer has to market his products well in order for him to be able to catch attention in a field or window that has too many viewers and players to it. (Handfield, Nochols1999)
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