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Theorist Weber

The essay discusses on the life history of Theorist Weber.It has also outlined some of his theories and why many people use them.

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Theorist Weber Introduction Weber was born in Germany, on 21 April 1864 to a Calvinist family. He pursued his university studies shortly at Heidelberg in Berlin, as well as Gottingen University. In 1898 he suffered a nervous breakdown as a result of family predicaments and was hospitalized occasionally until 1903 where he gave up his studies. Later he worked as a co-editor of the famous social science magazine Archiv für Sozialwissenschaft und Sozialpolitik. In ...

... theories have contributed a lot in the development of the social science study as well as the normal life of individuals. He enlightened people through his illustrious articles on how to be devoted to their respective religion. On the other hand, in his theory of bureaucracy, he noted that there are numerous written rules, standard procedures and a complete separation of policy making from operational control. These have greatly helped to improve the operation of various organizations as well as improving the welfare of individuals.
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