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This paper is an overview of Global E Business which is a business that is transacted online through use of internet technology. It has also discussed on an effective marketing plan looking at it deeply

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Table of contents

1.0 Executive Summary 1
1.1 Business Descriptions 1
1.2 Marketing plan 1
1.3 Risks involved in marketing 3
1.4 Challenges of the Torque ltd 5
  The major challenges include protectionism and trading risks. 5
  Company management 6
1.5 Evaluation of horizontal and vertical integrations. 7
1.6 Financial Requirements 7
1.7 Sources of finances 8
1.8 Risks involved in getting the funds8
1.9 References 9

Preview of the essay: GLOBAL E-BUSINESS

GLOBAL E-BUSINESS E-BUSINESS PLAN 1.0 Executive Summary The demand of product via online will thus enable the business to be timely in meeting the need of its customers globally. The business plan is supposed to enhance the demand of product globally through use of internet technology. 1.1 Business Descriptions The Torque ltd will be the business name. The business will be involved in manufacturing selling and distribution of high-tech. This is the name that was approved by the directors and it is to be used as the business trademark in all its operations. Due to increased demand of laptops globally the management of the company decided to go globally to counter attack this demand with an aim of increasing its sales. The internet provides a true global market place where people can find products and services. It provides the people with direct channel to the government authorities, health services, local and ...

... counteract the problem of finance, directors of the company have decided to go for initial public offer as an option to get the funds. Through this strategy, the branches will enjoy more funds from prospective investors as well as increase in the publicity of the company’s product.

This is a risk arises when an organization recognizes losses from converting accounting results of its foreign branches and subsidiaries in the home currency. When the consolidated accounts are prepared or all branches and subsidiaries accounts are converted to one, currency of the present, a loss arises due to currency rate fluctuations.
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