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Factors that Affect the Academic Performance of Learners

This essay discusses the important factors that have significant impact to the academic performance of students, that is, the factors that influence learning.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Factors that Affect Intelligence 3
Factors Affecting Learning Process and Academic Performance of Students 4
Sources 5

Preview of the essay: Factors that Affect the Academic Performance of Learners

Factors that Affect the Academic Performance of Learners Introduction Education is a process by which man transmits his experiences, new findings and values accumulates over the years, in his struggles for survival and development through generation. Education enables individuals and society to make and all around participation in the development process, by acquiring knowledge, ...

... failures and success of a learner. The school through the student affairs services must encourage student to join different organizations or activities which can develop their social aspect of life. Finally, the school administration must allot adequate provisions for facilities and academics. At any rate, all these efforts will redound to the benefits of the school’s primary clientele ---the students.
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