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problem solving

The essay has annalyzed the process that is in involved in problem solving so that the best solution can be selected.

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Problem solving The process of solving problems is only written down for one to use as a guide to solving problems or situations that provide challenges or concerns. It requires a lot of creative and critical ways of thinking if one is to come up with a solution relevant to the challenge ...

... not put into use, hence, one should come up with deliberate methods on how to evaluate the results. This will assist in modifying the idea further until the whole issue has been solved.
It is therefore very important that one uses this mode of solving issues to come up with solutions which will suite him best and avoid the worries that come with accumulation of problems.
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Benjamin I.

When one is faced with a very critical situation, it is hard to get answers to your questions. The techniques laid down in this essay, but if you are faced with a problem solving dilemma, i found the book of Carnegie very helpful. It is entitled, "How to Stop Worrying and Start Living."

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