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standardized test

The essay is about a standardized test. Standardized test is a test in which students are provided with questions that usually have only one possible answer, often in the form of multiple choices.

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Limitations of high stake testing

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Standardization testing Introduction A standardized test is a type of test in which all students are provided with questions that usually have entirely one possible answer mainly in the form of multiple choices. These kinds of questions demand only a specific answer from the students. Standardized tests are used in determining college admissions and are also applicable in other types of interviews. They can either be on paper or electronically set to the candidates. The test taker is provided with a question, statement, or problem, and expected to select one of the choices below it as an answer. Limitations of high stake testing ...

... positive impacts. It is therefore a great concern that all stakeholders in education sector should agree on other way of testing student intelligence and academic development. Policy makers thus encourage “institutions to consider dropping the admission test requirements. If it is determined that the predictive utility of the test or the admission policies of the institution (such as open access) support that decision and if the institution believes that standardized test results would not be necessary for other reasons such as course placement, advising, or research” (Grabar, M. 2009)
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