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Multiculturalism in Britain

Multiculturalism to involve all cultures where openness, self critics and interactions in relations is inevitable among the cultures. This paper supports the argument that Britain should hold to be a vibrant country and a democratic multicultural society that must combine respect for diversity with shared common values.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
The concept of multiculturalism in Britain 3
Policies 4
Outcomes for multiculturalism in Britain 4
Critiques of multiculturalism 5
References 6

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Multiculturalism in Britain Introduction Bauman gives his view on sociology as the most important tool that can be used for social change. He criticizes modernity in the sense that there is no single factor model that can stand for total human experience complexities in the world. Bauman advocates that modernity is much smaller place than it used to be due to the extended processes of globalization. He argues that with ...

... for all. According to Bauman sociology is highly advocated by multiculturalism. Social perspective of multiculturalism should be based on the principal of consistent democracy. By this, no single cultural group will have the opportunity to be awarded privileged over the other. Hence the social perspective on multiculturalism shows that there is competition between several cultural groups for unsatisfactory amounts of money.
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