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The essay is about smoking and tobacco. It has analyzed the theories of why people use tobacco, effects that result to smokers and non-smokers and finally it has looked into measures that should be adopted to control smoking.

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Table of contents

Introduction 2
Recent prevalence and distribution 2
Theories of smoking 4
Why people use tobacco 4
Health hazards /Effects of smoking 7
The long- term effects of smoking 8
Effects of smoking on non-smokers 9
What can be done 10
Controlling tobacco companies 12
How a tobacco user can quit 12
Therapeutic measurement/interventions 12
Reference 14

Preview of the essay: SMOKING AND TOBACCO.

The adventurer sir Walter Ralegh is alleged to have introduced both potatoes and tobacco to England. Raleph popularized tobacco at court, and apparently believed that it was a good cure for coughs and so he often smoked a pipe. Ralegh’s final request in 1618 was a smoke of tobacco, a legacy to all subsequent prisoners facing execution. Cigarette smoking was reintroduced to England by British solders returning from Wellington’s Napoleonic campaigns in the Iberian Penrnsula (1808-14).Also veterans returning from Crimean War (1853-56) increased cigarette smoking in Britain. In addition to bringing many millions to deaths and injuries to service personal ...

... behavour strategies to cope with the discomfort and problems they face. (iii) Establish ways or responses to counter high-risk situations.
Some cognitive procedures include imagery cognitive restructuring and self-talk, while some behavioural procedures are physical activity, relaxation, and other substitute behaviours. Examples of substitute behaviours are allowing one-self to “feel good, breath deeply and fully, and enjoy being a healthy nonsmoker at all times and in all circumstances. (Lewis, Sperry & Carlson, 1993).
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