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Future strategic directions available for pharmaceutical based organisation

The essay is about Future strategic ways available for pharmaceutical based organisation inorder to improve their efficiency through proper planning.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 The future of the pharmaceutical industry 2
3.0 Challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry 2
4.0 The Big Biz Opportunities 3
5.0 Threats for pharmaceutical industries 5
6.0 Legislative regulation 7
7.0 To insurance and public health bodies 8
8.0 Controversy about drug marketing and lobbying 8
9.0 Recommendations 9
10.0 Conclusion 11
11.0 References 13

Preview of the essay: Future strategic directions available for pharmaceutical based organisation

Future strategic directions available for pharmaceutical based organisation 1.0 Introduction Purpose of pharmaceutical industry overview is intended to give industry-connected information for future strategic directions available for small, medium and large companies. This is the initial stride in an endeavor of developing a superior position of proficiency in the pharmaceutical industry. This will help us understand the positions taken by the pharmaceutical firms by and how they are planning to forge ahead, although the industry matters might vary considerably from one country or area to another. This overview will also help as understand a sequence of industry particular general idea. For instance the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company in India builds up, manufacture, as well as markets drugs which are accredited or designed for use as prescription. Nearly all Pharmaceutical firms can contract in general also in brand medicine (Ahuja 1994, p.28). They are a number of bylaws and regulations concerning the patenting, test and selling of ...

... observes that the past decade, the pharmaceutical business has experienced marvelous development in addition to change. Alongside this development and growth it has met a chain of difficulty to incorporate the industry with international set standards and regulations. To sum up, ecological certification concerns has become a driving force for revolutionize in the pharmaceutical business. To survive in future, the pharmaceutical firms should try to avoid liability matters and try to readjust towards social as well as environmental regulations; this will help them to be competitive in the global market.
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