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Comparison of Models in government business between two countries

The essay has compared business Models in government business between two countries;that is between England and Canada.

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Comparison of Models in government business between two countries Transport industry in England Introduction The government of England has considered supporting the automotive sector by having “buy now” signals in its budget. The government has argued for improved access to finance and credit as well as a scrap page incentive scheme. According to Dierikx, (2004), the plan for removing the first year rate of tax on new cars is also given by the government. Also the England government has increased the annual investment allowance for business. This encourages the spending done on vans, trucks, construction equipment, buses and coaches. The government has ...

... services using E-Commerce in all business activities. It is evident that, there are more benefits when a governments decides that the country’s businesses to operate through electronic means. The Weber’s model that is used by the government of England in determining the best location of a business experiences some Criticisms. It does not relate to the current conditions for improvement in the transport system. Its assumptions have some misconceptions and transport costs may vary. This also applies whet the behavioral models are used.
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Princess R.

You've got an enlightening discussion on the comparison of the two countries. While their business models have some differences. They share some common point of similarities, however.

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