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The Comic Character in Three Time Periods of English Drama

English drama from the medieval times to the end of the eighteenth century showed great development. This maturing process can be traced in several ways, one of which is looking at the enhancement of the comic characters used in the time period of these five centuries.

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Comedy and comic devices appear first in English drama in the cycle plays. The comic elements of these plays are worth noting, especially since many of them passed down into Elizabethan and Shakespearean drama. The simplest and most primitive ...

... sympathize or really identify with him. The shrewd, unpleasant, ridiculous Pinchwife remains the butt of contemptuous laughter, not removed from life by his artificiality as Sparkish is, but not loved or accepted either (Persson p65). Comic characters in these three time periods were very important parts of comedy (and sometimes tragedy). All of the three playwrights, the Wakefield Master, Shakespeare and Wycherly discussed in detail above, rely greatly on character features to set the mood for their comedies.
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Benjamin I.

Medieval's standard of comedy may be entirely different now, although the principles underlying comedy are still intact. It is nice to know that what is comic to us may not be comic during the time of Shakespeare. I love your essay.

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