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Leadership and School Effectiveness

The essay is about Leadership and School Effectiveness,it has discussed on how to improve effectiveness due to increase numbers of students.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Constraints on leadership effectiveness 2
3.0 Factors which constrain school effectiveness 2
4.0 Factors that should be considered for Effective Schools 3
5.0 Focus on achievements 4
6.0 Purposeful teaching 5
7.0 Staff development 8
8.0 Recommendations in relation to leadership effectiveness 8
9.0 Conclusion 10

Preview of the essay: Leadership and School Effectiveness

Leadership and School Effectiveness A number of the most significant outlines of professional learning as well as problem solving in both learning and teaching process happen in group settings inside schools. Organized groups within the school and outside tend to give the social contact that frequently deepens the learning, teaching along with the interpersonal sustenance and the synergy essential for innovatively resolving the difficult problems of learning and teaching. Some of the James (1974) recommendations from researchers on how to resolve problems related to both learning and teaching have advocated for increased teamwork among teachers along with administrators in formulation of lessons, critiquing student work-this helps to identify where a lot of concentration is demanded for, and analysing diverse types of educational data to enhance student improvement, among other responsibilities, it is very important that teaching and learning be aimed at improving the quality ...

... mentoring, and open learning (distance education) creates the separation of classrooms and also present teachers with an easy contact with one another for continuing support in addition to specialized improvement and sharing. The utilization of technologies like interactive lesson plan slides, compact disk databases, streamed films, online-conferencing, as well as e-mail could assist the teachers’ access to other teachers intended for continuing experts association.
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