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Psychological tests by School Counselors

The essay is about Psychological tests by School Counselors,it has discussed on different Psychological tests that are applied in guidance and counseling.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Types of psychological tests 2
3.0 Conclusion 5
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Psychological tests by School Counselors Psychological tests are never supernatural. Therefore, they are meant to assess and appraise the information that is given to the School Counselors. This is why the official name of psychological testing is psychological appraisal. Consequently, there are a number of different types psychological tests. These tests carry with them different strengths and weaknesses, reliability and validity and also different trainings ...

... examining the performance of a child from a number of outlooks including personality, Teacher, and Parent, it helps one get an unprejudiced representation that is even more absolute. The different types of psychological tests are of great importance to the counselors and their children especially those who are in schools.
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

These measures or indicators of personality tests or general aptitude test only tells a portion of your individuality. It does not tell the whole story of being you.

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