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How to handle cyber security incidents

Computer security incident is an important element when it comes to information technology programs. Security related threats have become more destructive and disturbing in the worlds today.

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Table of contents

1.0 Introduction 1
2.0 Response Policy, Plan, and Procedure 3
3.0 Policy Elements 3
4.0 Plan Elements 3
5.0 Procedure Elements 3

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How to handle cyber security incidents. 1.0 Introduction Computer security incident response has become a significant element of information technology programs. Security related threats have become not only very many and varied but also more destructive and disturbing. Latest types of security related incidents appeared regularly. Preventive actions based on the outcome of threat assessments can reduce the amount of incidents, however not all incidents are ...

... relations office of the organization, legal branch, and management before an incident occurs to set up policies and measures concerning the sharing of information. If not, susceptible information concerning incidents can be provided to unlawful parties; this accomplishment can lead to larger interruption and loss than the incident itself. The team should record all contacts and communications with external parties for accountability and for evidence.
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