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Developing Individuals and Teams

The essay is about developing Individuals and teams in an organization.The paper has elaborated on steps to be undertaken in order to ensure maximum productivity and performance in the organization.

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Developing Individuals and Teams Individual and team development is a process that requires leadership protocols observed. There are a number of principles that aid the development of individual or team leadership. These principles are stipulated to ensure a true character of a leader. Team leadership is where an individual is charged with a responsibility to influence attainment of certain set goals among a group of individuals. Individual leadership is the case in which one has to exhibit a sense of focus and self responsibility in attainment of certain individual objectives and goals. For this to happen, there are certain principles that must be observed. The principles include: 1. Self motivation and commitment to excellence. 2. Compatibility with people from different cultures. 3. Developing talent. 4. Ability to develop and execute a strategy. 5. Possession of interpersonal skills. 6. Possession of good character. 7. Technical expertise. 8. Emotional intelligence. 9. Creativity and innovative minds. Self motivation ...

... It is therefore easier to realize that the process of developing individuals and teams in an organization is not just a matter of recruitment and formation of teams. An in depth step has to be undertaken to ensure maximum productivity and performance. This process includes creating relevant objectives, developing and improving competencies in the organization, providing development opportunities and conducting performance appraisals.
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