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Ceramics: Production Process of Glass

In materials science and engineering, we study different materials such as metals, polymers, wood, and ceramics. Among the types of ceramics are the glasses. Glass in the common sense refers to a hard, brittle, transparent solid, such as used for windows, many bottles, or eye wear, including soda-lime glass, acrylic glass, sugar glass, isinglass (Muscovy-glass), or aluminum oxynitride. Most glasses contain silica as their main component and glass former. The optical and physical properties of glass make it suitable for applications such as flat glass, container glass, optics and optoelectronic material, laboratory equipment, thermal insulator (glass wool), reinforcement fiber (glass-reinforced plastic, glass fiber reinforced concrete), and art.

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Ceramics: Production Process of Glass Ceramics encompass such a vast array of materials that a concise definition is almost impossible. However, one workable definition of ceramics is ...

... wool), reinforcement fiber (glass-reinforced plastic, glass fiber reinforced concrete), and art. The manufacture of glass for everyday purposes may involve a great level of complexity and automation.
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Benjamin I.

Glass is an interesting material for different objects. I have once a watched in a documentary how the Japanese makes glass. And I was amazed on the variety of size, designs, colors and patterns they have in their glasses. Keep-up fellow.

Princess R.

Ceramics is one of the finest art because it combines the power of water, fire and earth and air. The art proves to be an amazing one !

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