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Energy Conservation and the Environment problem

The daily human activities are involving consumption of energy. This paper has discussed the effects and problems involved in energy consumption.

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Table of contents

1.0 Description of the problem 1
2.0 Adoption of greener Energy 2
3.0 Positive and negative human impacts 2
4.0 Evaluation of Current sustainability strategies 3
5.0 Living and the non-living factors that contribute to energy conservation and the environment 4
6.0 Required government, societal, and global support Proper Use of Vehicles 5
7.0 Benefit and challenges of the plan 5
8.0 Establishment of the Medium-Term Voluntary Action Plan 6
9.0 Factory and Laboratory Initiatives 6
10.0 A vision for clean energy leadership 7
11.0 Working in partnership with first nations and communities 7

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Energy Conservation and the Environment problem 1.0 Description of the problem Day to day activities of man involves consumption of energy ranging from burning oil, gas, coal or electricity. This has the resultant effect of emitting harmful carbons, NO2 and SO2. Inefficient technologies employed to harness and utilize this forms of energies perpetuate the problem. A more efficient energy technology will consume less energy to complete the same process. Coal is the most inefficient means in the production of electricity than gas. Only a third ...

... government will work together to identify opportunities to benefit from oil and gas development. By developing greater ability to participate in, benefit from oil, and gas development, first nations can play a much more active role in the industry. It should also support increasing first nation’s role in the development of cross-cultural training initiative for agencies and industries (Dominic et al. 2006).
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Benjamin I.

This problem on energy crisis can be traced to man's negligence and lack of sense of stewardness to his environment. Actions should have been taken promptly by the government to prevent future catastrophies.

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