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A reflection on the millennium development goals

This is a paper on the millennium development Goals. Millennium development goals are eight globally developed goals supported by the United Nation member states. 189 UN member states and 23 international organizations agreed to achieve these goals by 2015 development goals.

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Table of contents

1.Eradication of hunger and poverty
2. Achieve universal primary education
3. Promoting gender equality and    Empowering women
4. Reducing child mortality improve maternal health
5. Improve maternal health
6. Combating HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
7. Ensure environmental sustainability
8. Develop a global partnership for development

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The first goal is eradication of hunger and poverty. This goal was targeted at reducing extreme poverty in the world and also ensuring that people have enough food for their daily requirements. This was to be achieved by halving the propitiation of people of people living on less than a dollar a day, achieve full and productive employment of for all including women and young people and reducing the proportion of those who suffer from hunger (UNDP, 2000). About 852 million people worldwide can’t obtain adequate food to live a healthy ...

... aim at improving the quality of life in poor third world countries and further promoting global cooperation. Achieving the goals calls for participation of all member states. Research indicates that all parts of the world can achieve these goals through collaboration and increased participations in collective initiatives. Members of the international community should facilitate one another in achieving these goals through encouraging more countries to participate in sharing information and research findings and avoiding protectionism and restrictions such as economic restrictions.
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