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Dance in the Rain

The essay is about a journey of me along with my family. We set out on a road trip heading towards Bombay . My board exams had just gotten over and taking a trip as a stress buster . It talks about how I was longing to step out in the rain and feel the lovely drops of water hitting my face. How fresh it made me feel. It talks about the few special moments spent together with your family which will be cherished forever . This is one memory that will be in my mind forever . It is set in Rajasthan as we were passing through it during our journey to Bombay. What a lovely time we had!

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On a Sunday morning we had to get up early and get ready for our road trip to Bombay. The whole family was traveling together, including all my cousins, ...

... had had pretty much settled down. We knew it was time for us to leave and that this was just the beginning of our fun filled road trip!
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