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Of Nevski, Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible

Do you find Nevski a colorful personality in Russian history? Which of the two Russian Ivans do you admire more? Read in this essay these three great Russian leaders.

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Of Nevski, Ivan the Great and Ivan the Terrible Russians are a great people. I admire its leaders, past and present. But there are some Russians who really left and indelible imprint in history. Some of them are famous; others are infamous. The existence of infamous leaders does not however make a group ...

... restored in 1613, when Michael Romanov was elected to the Throne by a national assembly made up of representatives from fifty cities. The Romanov dynasty was to rule Russia until 1917.
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Humanistic Studies


Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

I admire the writer of this essay for being ingenuous in bringing these three Russian greats in a single essay. These three formed a triumvirate in Russian history whose legacy are to be preserved in posterity. What they did in Russia will not certainly be forgotten.

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