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The concept of leadership as study of organization behaviour.

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Leadership Introduction In the past few decades, the concept of leadership has become increasingly open to scrutiny and the role of leadership has become more demanding than ever before. In an organization, ineffective leadership is most often seen responsible for the costs of poor performance, ineffective delegation, and disempowerment of employees. According to Gemmill and Oakly, as explained by Barker (2001), ‘leadership is an ideology designed to support the existing social order by providing both a rationale for dysfunction and a direction in which to shift blame.’ Despite ‘leadership’ being a topic of debate around the world for many years, there is still no consensus as to what constitutes ‘leadership’, what makes it ‘effective’ and whether it can be taught. As many definitions of leadership as might exist, an analysis of the studies carried out on the topic reveals an ...

... different types of people at the same time. Conclusively, while some can be fit to be leaders, not everyone can be the best leader in all situations.
A distinction of this piece of literature from most other writing on the topic is that it aimed at integrating current theories, rather than contradicting them. As mentioned previously in the topic, the theories were not completely futile, but only incomplete.
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Princess R.

There are lots of literature written about leadership. You essay is one of the bets essays I have read in this area.

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