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Public Officials and Employees on Ethics, Norms and Conducts

Presented in my essay are the norms of conduct which government officials and employees should observe in order to maintain the integrity and professionalism and excellence of public servants.

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Public Officials and Employees on Ethics, Norms and Conducts Government officials are accountable to the people simply because their powers emanate from the people. The people merely entrust governmental powers and authority to government officers, and therefore, their relationships is that of trustor and trustee. As trustees, executive, legislative and judicial officials are responsible and liable to the people as trustor, ...

... observed by heart by our government officials and employees. It is essential to the general welfare and necessary to the preservation of the government, that public affairs be properly administered (de Leon, 2006). If all these norms are to be observed by out leaders and public servants, it would be easy for the government to secure support and cooperation from the people, assure compliance with the laws and to respond to the multi-faceted needs and demands of the people.
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