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Investigations of the Sun

This is a research essay I did in college for my astronomy class. I received an A- on it. It was a lot of work, but it has a lot of great interesting information in it. The only reason I got an A- on it instead of an A+ was because I forgot to make a cover page, which was part of the intructions.

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Preview of the essay: Investigations of the Sun

Investigation of the Sun The Sun is globe of intensely hot gas; it is self luminous and produces energy by means of nuclear processes that occur deep within it. A substantial amount of this energy harnessed over millions of years has provided life here on planet Earth and continues to do so but what if the life cycle of the Sun comes to an abrupt end. Will life cease to exist? The explosion of this star in the universe may be as a whole utterly insignificant but it could wipe out the human race! The aim of this report will be to carry out an investigation into the Sun, its beginnings, and its state at present and its future. It will include a thorough analysis of the thermonuclear reactions that take place inside the Sun. To conclude with, my report will correlate existing information to find an estimate of the life expectancy of the Sun. With recent study in to the phenomenon of particles within the nucleus of an atom, I decided to research further ...

... very low. These three types of star represent different stages through which a star like the Sun will pass during the course of its life. For a star like the Sun, the main sequence stage is thought to last for about 1010 years. Since the estimated age of the Sun is about 4.6 x 109 years, it should remain on the main sequence for a further 5 or 6 x 109 years. In conclusion understanding of the solar interior is in a state of flux. No one seriously doubts that the Sun shines by means of thermonuclear reactions, but the precise mechanism is open to doubt. The Sun has been shown to be variable although only on a relatively minor scale, and its variability is sufficient to exert climatologically effects on Earth. The comfortable view of a steady and unchanging Sun has been replaced by a slightly confused picture of a somewhat inconstant Sun. No-one can be confident that the mystery has been solved. Revolutionary changes of opinion may lie only just around the corner.
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Natural Sciences
Benjamin I.

...This piece is an impressive combination of exploration of history, physics and astronomy. It demystifies my belief on the nature and properties of the sun after reading it.

Princess R.

I agree with Benjamin's comments. It is a good piece indeed.

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