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The High School Student's Capability in Their English Proficiency

I conducted this research to determine the capability of the high school sudents when it comes to theirl capabilities in speaking the universal language. I want to find out if academes produce students who can speak the English language correctly and promote competitiveness.

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Table of contents

Acknowledgement i
Table of Contents ii
List of Charts iii

Chapter 1 – The Problem and Its Background
A.Introduction 1
B.Statement of the Problem 2
C.Objectives of the Study 2
D.Significance of the Study 2
E.Scope and Limitation 3
F.Definition of Terms 3

Chapter 2 – Review of Related Literature 4

Chapter 3 – Methodology 9

Research Design, Research Locals, Instrumentation

Procedure, Statistical Analysis of Data

Chapter 4 – Presentation, Analysis and Interpretation of Data 11

Chapter 5 – Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations 15

Bibliography 17
Appendix 18

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the people who became a part of this study and helped us in making this research a success. First of all, to out Lord God, who shower us enough knowledge and gave us protection in order for us to make this project successful. To our parents, who extend their moral and financial support for us to finish this research. Our English teacher, Ms. Laria Doronila who continuously helps us in all our uncertainties without her this project wouldn’t be an accomplishment. To the respondents, for being kind enough in answering our questionnaires we prepared. And to the members of the group who extend their effort just to finish this research ahead of time. ii TABLE OF CONTENTS Title Page i Acknowledgement ii Table of Contents iii List of Charts iv Chapter 1 – The Problem and Its Background A. Introduction 1 B. Statement of the Problem 2 C. Objectives of the Study 2 D. ...

... would keep them motivated and focused during class discussions.

 Teachers should focus on teaching their students on the areas of the English subject where they perform lowest.

 Students shall read a greater range of books to widen their vocabulary and to increase their knowledge in all sectors of the English language.

 Teachers should campaign that students shall read books the entire school year. And maybe update themselves if their students are reading books.
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