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Establishment of Private Mutual Fund in Luxembourg

Virtual situation in which author helps to investor open mutual fund in tax heaven, Luxembourg. It represents the strategy and investment guide to open found with $5mil investment.

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Table of contents

1. Introduction
  a. Purpose of this report

2. Overview of Luxemburg Environment
  a. History
  b. Legal Provisions
  c. Legal Structure
    I. Fonds Commun de Placement (FCP)
    II. Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable
    III. Société d’Investissement à Capital Fixe

  d. Legal Status
    I. Common Funds
    II. Institutional Funds
    III. Multiple compartment UCIs (Umbrella Funds)

  e. Luxembourg Investment Fund Industry
    I. Size and Structure
    II. Fund governance
    III. Document requirements

  f. Taxation
    I. Taxation of funds
    II. Value Added Tax

3. AAA Bank Package of an Investment Fund
  a. The authorization of investment fund by the CSSF
    I. Fee requirements
    II. Timeframe

  b. The Custodian Services
  c. Fund prospectus
    I. Global
    II. Investment restrictions

  d. Fees structure
    I. Manager’s fee
    II. Other expenses

4. Global Solution

Preview of the essay: Establishment of Private Mutual Fund in Luxembourg

On behalf of our client who wanted to invest $5mil into establishing of a private mutual fund in Luxembourg we developed the main strategy and investment guide to directly fit into client’s needs and wants. This paper present actual environment of Luxembourg country, with aim on legal aspects of settlement of private investment funds Overview of Luxemburg Environment.

Favorable banking and tax laws have led to a transformation of Luxembourg into a major center for offshore mutual funds. This growth was partly fueled in 1992 when the German government decided to levy a 25% withholding tax ...

... directed by customer’s Board of Directors. All operation services (listed below) will be provided by AAA Bank and its network. All administration covering establishment of the fund will be provided by AAA Bank and its branches as well as will be provided all services described that are needed for operation of fund. This administration covers: Safeguards the assets of the fund. In charge of the execution of subscription/redemption orders, AAA Bank holds and maintains the fund’s shareholder register AAA Bank calculates the net asset value of the fund. Prepares annual accounts and periodical financial reports in accordance with the laws and regulations. AAA Bank covers paying of dividends and other financial payments to investors. AAA Bank provides the fund with a registered address. Provides assistance with the fund’s legal and regulatory reporting obligations, including shareholder and board of director meetings, required filings and mailing of shareholder documentation. Safeguards the fund’s prospectus and related documents AAA Bank support certification of the fund’s annual report and other reports as required by the applicable legislation and regulations.
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Princess R.

The mutual fund industry has grown in so great a proportion that the competition in the market is so strict.

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