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The Merchant of Venice The significance of the Rings

This is an essay highlighting the significance of the ring in Shakespeare’s play.“TheMerchantOfVenice.”It is the subplot, is intertwined with the main plot and is a source of great merriment and fun in the play.

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Table of contents

1.The incident of the rings-a part of the main action
2.Portia gives the ring to her husband
3.Later, she is in disguise and claims it as her reward.
4.Word play and fun.
5.Comedy of a superior class.

Preview of the essay: The Merchant of Venice The significance of the Rings

The Merchant of Venice The significance of the Rings While the main action of ‘Merchant Of Venice’ revolves around the bond, the forfeit of the bond, Shylock’s plot of revenge on Antonio, and Portia’s skill in outwitting Shylock, on e has to admit that, the incident of the ...

... Gratiano ends the play with a touch on the ring. “Well, while I live I’ll fear no other thing, So sore as keeping Nerissa’s ring.” Here once again it can also be taken as a double edged witty construction that Gratiano gently hints at the fate he has got himself into in marrying Nerissa.
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