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The Importance of the National Service Training Program

I discussed in this essay the importance and significance of the National Service Training Program as a means of spreading the gospel of nationalism and patriotism in the country. It is an expository piece which receive a very high remark.

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Preview of the essay: The Importance of the National Service Training Program

The Importance of the National Service Training Program Let me begin my article by relating you this anecdote: The great blind writer Helen Keller was once asked, “What would be worse than being born blind?” With great wisdom, she replied “To have a sight without a vision.” What you ...

... have undergone coupled by your diligence and conscientiousness, I am confident that you could have already internalized virtues as the foundation of leadership and the values needed to apply them on an individual, team and institutional levels vis-à-vis national development in the context of national security, territorial integrity and national development.
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Princess R.

This writer has the potential to become a good literary pen pusher. His style is more of literary rather than journalistic. Magnificent essay!

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