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Nationality and Ethnicity: A Look Into the Beyond

This essay speaks of various issues regarding ethnicity and nationalism. The essay presents interesting analysis of relationship between ethnicity and nationalism, including multiculturalism and cultural assimilation

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Ethnicity and Nationalism after Communism 2
Ethnic Process in Sri Lanka 2
Nationalism and Ethnicity in Focus 3
A Classic Case of Multiculturalism and Pluralism 4
Culture Unassimilated, Reiterated, and Renewed 6
References 8

Preview of the essay: Nationality and Ethnicity: A Look Into the Beyond

Nationality and Ethnicity: A Look Into the Beyond Introduction When the discipline of anthropology began to emerge from the mists of the 19th century, distinguishing itself from other fields of study, its subject matter was considered to be the culturally autonomous peoples, each with its own language and its own territory, in places far from what was then reckoned to the “civilized world.” Anthropology accepted the fiction that these societies could be studied as self sufficient entities. In the United States, under Boasian influences, the focus of research was on American- Indian groups—referred to as “tribes” – as they have previously lived before being subjected to the influence of the “white man’s” culture. The aim was to reconstruct a picture of their former cultures. Malinowski, the British functionalist, tried to triangulate back to a “Zero point” in time in examining societies or ‘tribes, the zero point being just before the onset of contact and changed (Malinowski, 1938). In reality, these cultures had never existed as autonomous, self sufficient entities and attempts to describe them ...

... Asia and their descendants still feel a strong sense of their ethnic identities as Chinese – Americans, Filipino – Americans, and Korean – Americans, the racial attitudes of some Americans seem to be forcing them into an Asian – American racial category. The United States is now a multicultural, multiethnic, pluralist society. The ongoing debates regarding how to implement multicultural curricula in colleges, high schools, and elementary school reflect our grouping of our cultural traditions. The significance of these debates is that they have almost eclipsed the consideration of what remains of a shared American culture and value system which includes religious tolerance and the principles embodied in the Bill of Rights.
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Benjamin I.

This is an essay worth reading for its comprehensiveness and simplicity. Though the subject matter is somewhat complicated, it was presented as to enable the readers to grasp the idea behind it.

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