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childhood memory #20

This is an essay I did in college in my English 101 class. It is about a childhood memory of mine. I received an A+ on it!

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Growing up with a strong single mother for a parent you have a tendency to idolize that mother and want to be like her, I know I certainly wanted to be a replica of my mother. My mothers favorite color is blue and therefore mine is as well. Ever since I can remember being able to run I was ...

... vacation because it was the best time she ever had with me. As I sit here writing this I may be getting a little damp in the tear ducts but mostly I'm swelling with gratefulness that god gave me that time but gratefulness mostly for letting her have those happy memories before he took her.
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Benjamin I.

Entertaining. Your essay has lots of stuff to tell the readers. I can't help but smile while reading your essay...the childish encounter is so vivid that it made me smile.

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