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childhood memory #16

This is an essay I did in college in my English 101 class. It is about a childhood memory of mine. I received an A+ on it!

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Not wanting to grow up is almost every kid’s dream. We don’t really have a choice though. We can’t stop getting older as time progresses. That’s why we have to hold on to memories of our past and try to make our ...

... the fun times my family has shared there. Shawnee National Park to me is a wonderful place to get away from your everyday surroundings and people and to just be alone and do whatever it is you want.
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Benjamin I.

Your trail experience in this essay brought me back of the days when my dad and I went to a mountain to spend the night together. I was scared but my dad engulfed me in his arms saying that I never have to fear anyone because I am with him.

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