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childhood memory #14

This is an essay I did in college in my English 101 class. It is about a childhood memory of mine. I received an A+ on it!

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It was Christmas Eve, 1982, I was four years old. My mother, father, three brothers, and I lived in a small two bedroom house in San Antonio. We all gathered ...

... heard me this year; he did not let me down! There it was, that bright yellow, lightning fast Huffy bicycle and it was mine, all mine.
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Personal Reflections
kala v.

Very well written! This essay brings out the excitement of the little boy in avery succinct , clear manner and the experience is almost live.We are able to feel it.

Benjamin I.

...the presentation in this essay is brief but detailed...concise but clear...full of vivid experiences which the writer shares with her readers.

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