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childhood memory #11

This is an essay I did in college in my English 101 class. It is about a childhood memory of mine. I received an A+ on it!

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Family Vacation Anyone? When I was a young girl, about 9 or so I would say, my family decided we were going to go on a very long family vacation. No, not my family, my Dad decided we ...

... in our own beds. I will remember that vacation with my family the rest of my life. I made several memories that will last a lifetime and have a wonderful family that I could not live without.
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Benjamin I.

Your trips also makes me nostalgic of the things we did when I was still 9 years old. My parents always keeps on moving. I still remember going to three different schools in just a year. But all the experiences I had are ones which make my childhood sweet and worth remembering.

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