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Julius Caesar

This a is summary of the play Julius Caesar, written by Shakespeare. This essay talks about the assaination of Ceaser by the conspirators and then the events which took place after it.

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Table of contents

1) The proud Caesar
2) Cassius influences Brutus
3) The plot is hatched
4) Caesar\'s assasination
5) Caesar\'s ghost
6) Battle
7) Brutus kills himself

Preview of the essay: Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is a highly successful but ambitious political leader of Rome and his goal is to become an indisputable dictator. The play opens to the scene of two ...

... while he (Brutus) runs onto it and dies. Thus, Antony and Octavius prevail, while Cassius and Brutus both commit suicide, assumedly partly in grief over murdering Caesar.
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Humanistic Studies
kala v.

'Julius Caesar is a play written by Shakespeare. The summary must be written better and the elementary mistakes in the essay must be corrrected.

Vanamali S.

This is a nice summary of the play, Julius Caesar. There is one source given, but the format, APA or MLA is not given. A good summary, on the whole...

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