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childhood memory #1

This is an essay I did in college in my English 101 class. It is about a childhood memory of mine. I received an A+ on it!

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As a child, each person has memories that standout.  These memories can come from experiences that show us who we are, shape who we become, or just simply be the first time ...

... the United States. Conveniences we take for granted are considered luxuries there. With all this said, I never trade the memory of that trip for anything in the world.
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Humanistic Studies
Personal Reflections
kala v.

Very well written.
The descriptions bring the picture alive in the mind of the reader.

Gisele C.

Having read this, it reminds me of my first memoir. Just like any diary entry, this seems to have great appeal to man's love to sharing stories and experiences with other people.

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