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Letter Writing

The position of the letters in today world

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Table of contents

1) Letters connecting links between distant friends.
2) Pleasure afforded by letters from absent friends.
3) Duty of Writing Letters and of writing them with care.

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Letters are invaluable means of keeping our friendship with the absent. Without the interchange of letters, our absent friends and relations would be practically dead to ...

... interesting.
A letter to a friend or relation should not be hasily scribbed off, as if it were a distatstefull task to be got through as quickly as possible.
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eleanor g.

Like you, I am also an avid snail mail pal. I enjoy it immensely and right now, I am getting stronger with my pal. It is the classic way of emailing. (Well, we also do email-palling). The art should not be left for dead. It should be revived. Beauty, art, education combined into one. What else, romance could also seep through. =)

Princess R.

Eleanor drove point correctly. Letter writing could be an antiquated ways of lubricating friendship, but it has charm and magic in it most importantly when used properly.

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