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Choice of Books.

What does it mean best book, and how to choose the right book.

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1) As there are so many books, it is important to select the best.
2) The books that are the best for one may be unsuitable for another.
3) Students choose such boks as will help them in their studies.
4) After leaving college we must choose boks suited to our intellectual tastes and the circumstances of our life.
5) Even if we are limited by circumstances  to light literature , we should generally confine ourselves to famous books.
6) Considerations of objection to this recommandation.

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As it is impossible to read more than a very small fraction of the immense number of books now in existence, the proper choice of books is indeed ...

... examine all new books and form an opinion upon their merits, the majority of mankind in planning a course of reading for the few hours they can spare for self culture cannot do better than follow Emerson's precept.
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