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THe Forces of Nature.

Just basic notes about the forces of nature

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Table of contents

) Some of the forces of Nature.
2) Gravitation
3) Electricity
4) Life.

Preview of the essay: THe Forces of Nature.

Scientists used to say that what we call nature, that is the whole universe, was made up of matter and force; but now a days they find that the atoms that make up the matter are really ...

... the seed grow into a great tree, and the tiny baby in a strong man; and that enables plants and animals to produce other living plants and animals.
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Natural Sciences
Gisele C.

The essay seems to have a good start but it ran short at the end. It's hanging in the conclusion.

Benjamin I.

All the forces of nature explain the mystery behind things, that there exists a Prime Mover of everything that is present around us called God. How magnificent!

Princess R.

It lacks substance and content. I guess the author should have revised his work before submitting it.

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