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Film Tools

On these pages I will discuss some connections between the past and the present in film through the use of film tools. I am interested in how filmmakers in the past worked with these tools, how they use them now and what basic principles share these films (if they do).

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Film is a powerful big money raising medium. It serves as a mirror of human history – reflects our dreams, hopes, facts, fights and wins or lies – and clearly declares our technological advances. Through film we can see in a relatively short period of time how our visual sense of the world have changed. ...

... for the last fifty years made a big step in an advanced technology, the use of classical film tools can be still used to promote good entertainment and to catch viewer’s attention. The past does not have to always be the source of historical data but it can serve as a good source of information and ideas too, as it shows my research in this project.
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Art Studies
Benjamin I.

Film is a literature in action. It has sights, sounds and motions. What else can you ask for. It is an interactive medium that will last long as a form of popular media.

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