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Judiciary as the Mediator Among the Three Branches of Government

The Judiciary constitutes one of the most important components of any political machinery. Discussed in this article are evolution and development of the judiciary, its functions and some interesting features of judiciary in various countries.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Evolution and Development of the Judiciary 1
Duties  of the Judiciary 2
Some Interesting Features about Judicial Systems 7
Judiciary In Our Country 9

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Judiciary as the Mediator Among the Three Branches of Government Introduction The Judiciary is that organ of governmental in charge of the interpretation and application of the law to individual cases. To this branch falls the task of deciding disputed issues of law, of protecting the rights of individuals under the law, and of determining violations of the law and imposing penalties for them. According to Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, “ The judiciary occupies, the position of regulator to curb the excesses and temper the vehemence of the executive and legislative departments. Judges usually occupy a high position in society, because they are regarded as guardian of the law. In 1834, after his visit to America (a country with no aristocracy), the French nobleman Alexis de Tocqueville wrote: “ If I were asked where I place the American aristocracy, I would reply without hesitation that they are the judges of the land”. Evolution and Development of the Judiciary Strangely enough for a very important institution, the judiciary as an organ of the state evolved only in comparatively recent times. In ancient days, the administration of justice was not regarded as a function ...

... two types of lawyer. Lawyer they sometimes or familiar called “good liars”. Solicitors and barristers are different a legal researcher and writer are solicitor while the barristers they are the trial lawyer. Good liars because when there’s a giant cases money is always involve the lawyer will hived by the victim or suspect to help them arranged the case to make it unfair to the other side just to win the case. Regional and International Courts – This is the most develop court in all the Judicial System. This is the center and it is very huge in power. Although all courts had their anomalies we have to say that it is in the judge, lawyer, officials do what is true and right.
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