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Multiculturalism - sexual minorities in movies

From the 1990s the positive open attitude towards sexual minorities has widen more and the public could see films not only about gays and lesbians, but about transvestites or transsexuals. This attitude support the two films I have chosen for this project. The first film I write about is Kevin Smith’s “Chasing Amy”. The second film I mention here is called “Boys don’t cry” made in 1999 by Kimberly Pierce.

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In 1960s thanks the entertainment detaching the western world was experiencing the changes of the rigid attitudes toward sexuality in films, especially toward homosexuals. Film studios made films where homosexuality was at least mentioned and so slowly uncovered the generally quiet taboo about human ...

... problems such as friendship, love and trust. The filmmakers try to avoid any stereotyping or degradation of humanity except the example in ”Boys don’t cry”. The attack on Brandon can be understood as a stereotype of those who cannot stand different people and some of them react as negatively as possible.
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Benjamin I.

Compared on the movies of last decade, it could be fairly said that today's film portrayal of sexuality has become more or less sensitive and sensible. Gender sensibility should always be taken into account by moviemakers.

Princess R.

...sexual minorities mentioned in this essay are brilliantly portrayed and depicted....four stars to the director!

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