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An Adventurious Journey you had.

Just writing about strange journey

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When it comes to adventurious journey its just makes me feel some thing interesting to tell because some day i obviously had it. We had now reached the beginning of the Empty Quarter. All around, the country presented a dismal picture. Dead trees lays fallen and half buried in the drifting sands. Wonder and Wonder all the way. Nothing stirred, not even a ...

... that we were on the edge of a very different landscape, one of shallow valleys and low, rounded hills. The Worst was indeed atlast over, atleast for the time being. 'Come on', said Muhammed. Cautiously we led our animals forward and slithered down the soft sand to the valley floor below. Then we mounted them once more and rode foreword. The only moving things in that desolate, empty landscape.
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Benjamin I.

You have a very vivid description of your personal experience. While reading it, I almost felt the same experience as you have had during those moments. Very well-done!

Princess R.

I like your essay. it is simple in approach but is very substantive in contents.

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