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Hospital Software System

Technology in today’s world is very vital and important in offering effective and efficient services. Therefore this essay covers a project that is designed to improve services used in hospitals by doctors, nurses and administrators to keep records and easily retrieve them when need arises. The project also illustrates how Ward and bed management can be very easy to hospitals thus improving the efficiency in admitting and discharging patients.

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Table of contents

System Design 1
1.1 Overview 2
1.2 Justification of the system 2
2.0 Design Module specifications 5
2.1 List of Design Modules 5
3.0 Detailed Design Modules 5
3.1 Login module 5
3.1.1 Overview 5
3.1.2 Inputs 5
3.1.3 Processing 5
3.2.1   Overview 6
3.2.2 Facilities 6
3.3 Admission Module 7
3.3.1 Overview 7
3.3.2 patient Details Form 7
3.3.3   Processing 8
3.3.4 Doctor Details Form 8
3.3.5 Processing 8
3.3.6 Processing 9
3.3.7  Output 9
3.4   News Module 9
3.4.1 Overview 9
3.4.2 News Form 9
3.4.3 Processing 9
3.4.4 Output 9
3.5 Financial Module 9
3.5.1 Overview 9
3.5.4 Output 10
3.7 Report module 10
3.7.1 Overview 10
4.1.2 The Login page 12
4.1.3: The layout Main page 12
5.0 References 12

Preview of the essay: Hospital Software System

INFORMATION, COMMUNICATION AND TECHNOLOGY PROJECT PROPOSAL The software developed is a management system that enables patient records to be kept in a secure manner such that the records can be easily retrieved for processing. Also doctor and nurse details are being managed by the software since all information concerning them is being recorded and stored in the system database. Ward and bed management are also included and managed by the software. This is going to improve efficiency in admitting and discharging patients as well as managing the whole organization. System users are patients, doctors, nurses, system administrator, financial officers, administrators and sub-staff. A user logs onto the system ...

... 3.5.3 Processing
Before the patient pays the bill information is stored in the database, the system applies various rules on the information, that is, the patient must have passed all other necessary steps required before payment can be made. Failure to meet these rules, the information will be rejected and will not be stored in the database.
(c) 3.5.4 Output
The information will be used in generation of financial reports.
Section 3.06 3.7 Report module
(a) 3.7.1 Overview
This module will use information stored in different tables in the database to generate various reports. That is; Periodic doctor report, periodic nurses and financial report.
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Information Technologies
Princess R.

This software system helps a lot in the database management of hospitals. In fact, the ideas presented by the author could be very helpful for other business managers who plan of having a data base management system.

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