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Psycholinguistics: The Study of Communication Behavior

Presented in this paper are interesting and meaningful discussion about pscholignuistics as the study of human behavior.

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Table of contents

Psycholinguistics Defined 1
The Process of Communication 3
Do Animals Have Language? 5
The Origin of Language 6
The Structure of Language 6
On Second Language Acquisition by Stephen Krashen 7
On Child Language Acquisition 8
Later Linguistic Development 10
Synthesis 11
Sources 12

Preview of the essay: Psycholinguistics: The Study of Communication Behavior

“Language is the outer medium with which we express thought; the tangible manifestation of.” -K. Krisna Psycholinguistics: The Study of Communication Behavior Psycholinguistics Defined The ability to communicate through spoken and written language is one of the defining characteristics of the human race, yet it remains a deeply mysterious process. The young science of psycholinguistics attempts to uncover the mechanisms and representations underlying human language. This interdisciplinary field has seen massive developments over the past decade, with a broad expansion of the research base, and the incorporation of new experimental techniques such as brain imaging and computational modelling. The result is that real progress is being made in the understanding of the key components of language in the mind. Psycholinguistics is the study of communication behavior. As a field, it is a relatively newcomer to psychology. Only since the 1950’s has the term “psycholinguistics” appeared. An area of study which draws from linguistics and psychology and focuses upon the comprehension and production of language. Although psychologists have long been interested in language, and the field of linguistics is an older science than psychology, scientists in the two fields have had little contact until the work ...

... in order for communication to take place, there must be an encoder, sender a communication channel or means of communication, and a decoder or receiver to whom the message comes. The information Theory is a study of the communication process. We all know that the television, radio, computer and specially cell phone are the one important things , because wherever you are, or even are from of your family, relatives, love one you have a communication or you feel that there is inside to you because of this communication. The structure or composition of language is side by scientist in the field of descriptive linguistic. These levels of structure may be distinguished, phonemes, morphemes and grammar. Theories of language learning explanation of how language is learned by the child may be said to fall broadly into the classes of more traditional learning theories and recent generations’ grammar out look.
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