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Discourse Competence in Oral Communication

The focus of discussion of this essay is on linguistic competence particularly oral discourse competence. Relevant literatures and materials were presented about the subject in this essay.

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Table of contents

Introduction 1
Oral Communication 2
On Communicative Competence 4
On Discourse Competence 6
Studies Conducted Along Oral Discourse Competence 7
Theoretical Foundation 11
Bibliography 14

Preview of the essay: Discourse Competence in Oral Communication

DISCOURSE COMPETENCE IN ORAL COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION Confucius once said, “Without knowing the force of words, it is impossible to know man”. One way of knowing is by effective language which is ever two – way. It is first of all, an instrument of communication. People depend on their communication skills to help them meet their needs, attain happiness and to find fulfillment. Communication is a very significant part of life. Oral communication is the process by which thoughts are transferred through spoken words from one person to another. It requires an interaction between two persons involved – the speaker and the listener. More often than not, the speaker forgets this reality. He thinks that he and he alone is the sole performer, often ignoring the listener to whom he addresses himself. Generally, in such a situation, there exists a failure of communication. Oral discourse as a form of communication requires a good command of a language, which makes language not only a creature of society, but like other social institutions, it is also a creator of society; sharing a language is a necessary result and a necessary condition of people living together. Basic ...

... already prepare themselves in transferring this knowledge for them to be effective. They should consider their future role to their students and enhance their knowledge and skills grammatically and phonologically.
The conceptual paradigm is illustrated in a framework in Figure 1. The figure shows the relationship between the students’ oral discourse competence along eight public speaking competencies categorized into content and delivery and the extent of anxiety encountered by the students.
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