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Description of the Moral Dimension

This essay talks of morality, the right and wrong human actions and the moral significance of an action.

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Table of contents

Introduction  1
Action  2
Freedom  3
Action as Good or Bad  4
Universality  6
Obligation  6
Summary  9
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Preview of the essay: Description of the Moral Dimension

What we need at this point is a description of moral experience or of the moral dimension of human existence. We want to explain what we mean when in daily life we speak of morality, of right and wrong, of the good and the bad, of conscience, moral duty and obligation Is there any distinct meaning intended in using “description” rather than the more usual term “definition”? Why not talk of definition of morality, of the moral dimension, or a definition of good and bad? Of course, we do need in beginning some initial clarification regarding the lexical or nominal definition of terms. We do need to give synonyms of the term being considered or give terms of equivalent meaning in the language, which we tried to do in the introductory chapter. However, going beyond the purely nominal or lexical definitions, “description” of the moral dimension seems preferably at this point. “Definition” usually involves theoretical implications regarding the nature or essence of the thing being define. But at this point we want to keep ourselves open as much as possible regarding what is give, what we have present ...

... regarding this absolute good and this unconditional ultimate end of man. The good lies in the fulfillment of man’s nature as spiritual freedom or personal existence. Obligation, in general, means the state of being bound or required to do or not do something. Obligation signifies some kind of ought or imperative.. There are, however, many different types or nuances of obligation by which man may be bound. There is first, what we might call ‘technical” obligation”. This refers to the requirement of relating suitable means to chosen ends or goals. Thus, once an engineer has decided to build a bridge, he is obliged or bound to follow a whole set of physical and engineering laws governing materials and geological formations in the design and in the construction of the bridge.    
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Humanistic Studies
Benjamin I.

Needless to say, morality is relative. It depends on a person's culture, belief and tradition. What is moral to me may not be moral to you. Although true morality are more or less universal such as our notion of love, respect, freedom and obligation.

deriu h.

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