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Open Libelspace?

Other name of this essay should be "Defamation via Internet". The essay try to describe the connection among law, order and the internet.

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Advancements in technological development are, according to our historical approach, one of the most significant factors which characterize human intellect, our own mental evolution. Internet is one of those advancements which changed the whole perspective of communication and gave the users of this medium a huge space of freedom. The invisible but so real web of information offers easy and immediate opportunity of interaction which has never been possible before. Every new aspect of life brings something new that somehow shakes some of the previous rules of behavior. There is no doubt that internet offers ...

... answers exist, different explanations with different meanings occur. I have only recommended how to fight defamation on the Internet. It is not from my own head, but Reid Goldsborough, the author of the book “Straight talk about information superhighway”, who writes: “Don’t try to stifle others` speech, no matter how offensive. As U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louise Brandeis wrote more than century ago and no one has said it better – the best answer to “evil” speech is more speech. Instead of trying to sweep filth under the rug, replace it with positive speech. Sunlight can be a great disinfectant”7.
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