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Women in Development

Discusses the role played by women in nation-building and development of the country with some illustrations and statistics in political, economic and social aspects of women participation in development.

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Table of contents

Legislation on Women in Development 1
Women Development  1
Socio-Economic Facts on Women 2
Why Women Development Need Be Planned 2
The Development Plan for Women 3
Social Equity for Women  4
Women and Employment 5
Women’s Control of Fertility 6
Contraception in History 6
The Abortion Issue 7
Women Issues and Development 8
Equal Employment Opportunity 10
Ending Gender Subordination 10
Bibliography 11

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WOMEN IN DEVELOPMENT The improvement of the economic, social, cultural and political situation of women in society is a major concern in nation-building in all parts of the world. This began with much vigor in 1975 with the observance of the International Year of Women and has since permeated the fabric of development decisions in the developed and developing countries of the world (Elson, 1991). Legislation on Women in Development             In recognition of the need for a law to ensure the growth of women in the society and to maximize their contribution to nation-building, there are countries in the world today which pass legislations promoting the integration of women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation-building and for other purposes.             These legislations, in their declaration of policy, specifically stress that the State (a) recognizes the role of women in nation-building; (b) shall ensure fundamental equality before law of women and men; and (c) shall provide women’s rights and opportunities equal to that of men. Dove-tailed to such policy statements are the following strategies: (a) the government shall set aside and utilize Official Development Assistance (ODA) for women’s programs and activities; ...

... must be ended through constructive steps in the national development process.
It is not until women have attained parity with men in the economic sphere that their subordinate role could be ended. Economic means is the ultimate leveler between men and women. This may take longer in the rural areas where the male dominated peasant economy based on agriculture would require a lot more of steps to empower women for their own development. One idea is clear, however, and this is the realization that economic growth and development which do not redound to the enhancement of women’s participation in the action and benefits should be improved (Alcid, 1977).
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Princess R.

Women empowerment---this is the main issue that affects every nearly developing country in the world. Your essay provides us a good picture of women's case in national development.

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