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The Cat.

Its just about an sweet animal.

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When it comes to protecting and caring sweet animals Cats comes to mind which are INDEED beautiful and graceful animals, soft and sleek to the touch,amiable in expression, patient with children who carry them about with legs dangling, and amusing when they pounce upon a ball of crinkled paper or chase spots of sunlight on a wall. Cats are small , clean and ...

... they have even made themselves corners in our language. We know instinctively, it seems, what a 'cat like tread' means, or or what it is ' to let the cat out of the bag'. And how many inquisitive hildren have been warned that 'curiosity killed the cat' ? If some of us actually hate cats, there is not much we can do about it. They have even proved maginificient survivors.
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Art Studies
Princess R.

Very gentle and light-hearted in approach. The construction is not heavy. It is easy to understand. Praises to the writer!

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